Friday, February 20, 2009

Langkawi trip day 1

Langkawi->28th January 2009

This is my 3rd time trip to Langkawi,this time is a big trip, about 20 friends joining the trip. We started the trip at 28th early morning, we took 9.30am boat to Langkawi Island at Jetty Kuala Kedah.
We reached at Jetty Kuah at 11.30am, then we having our lunch at there. After that, we rent 2 vans and went to our chalets at Cenang Beach.

After check in the chalets, we went to Geopark. The highest hill at Langkawi, 710m above the sea level.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Perlis Trip

Perlis->27th January 2009

Today is the second day of Chinese New Year, i have nothing to do at home, so plan to go Perlis to visit Singyee. This is my 1st time go Perlis. I took about 30 minutes from my hometown, Sungai Petani to Alor Star, the journey still continue from Alor Star to Kangar, it take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I reached at Kangar at 1pm and waiting for Singyee to bring at Aneka minimarket. She came along with her sister, Singcheer and brother, Singken, then bring me visit to his aunty house. Having a nice and delicious lunch at there.

After the lunch, we went to Gua Kelam, 30 minutes from Kangar. During the Journey, we pass the beautiful lake, Tasek Timah. The entrance fee to enter the Gua kelam is RM2 for the adult and RM1.50 for the child. We walked in into the cave until the end of the cave, it was another side in the end of cave, the walking journey about 10 minutes. It is a very beautiful cave.

After visit the Gua Kelam, we went to ostrict farm at Padang Besar. I end my Perlis trip at 6.30pm.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Penang Trip Part 2

Penang->20th January 2009

This is my second trip to Penang in this trimester break. I'm joining with Eemay,Shin Min,Zhihan,Elaine and PeiXing for this trip. I'm feeling bored at home, so decided to join them. I'm going alone to Penang to meet with them at Gurney Plaza.

I'm going at the evening and i taking ferry to the Penang Island. It was a beautiful sunset at that time, a big yellow yolk in the sky slowly moving down to the behind of the Bendera Hill. It was really beautiful and romantic view, and the sea wind blowing to my face, very relax and enjoy. Without miss the nice view, im shooting the sunset view photos. :p

I reach at Gurney Plaza at 7.45pm something, then straight away join them at red box karaoke for sing-k. Hahaha.....i'm the guy, meet 2 new friends, Elaine and Zhihan's cousin, PeiXing. We are having fun until 12 am in red box. We sing for continuos 5 hours. After that, we go supper.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

S.P MMU Friends Gathering

Sungai Petani->15th January 2009

3 days ago,Karen came to Penang from KL. We meet at Penang, and having a nice trip at there. Today, she come to S.P for the trip, so we plan to have the gathering at "皇朝",Taman Sejati,at 11pm. First at all, we all meet at Karen Pong's house, and we go together by 2 cars.

Shoot the photos,acting cute poses.

We all together 7 people joining the gathering. The environment quite nice at there, romantic, relax and you also fishing prawn at there. We just chit-chat, drink, eat sushi, shoot some photos. Our gathering end at 1am. Thanks for coming "mom" Karen, hopes you really enjoy the trip and come again next time.

Penang Trip Part 1

Penang trip->12nd Jan 2009

It was a nice trip, I went to Penang from SP with William and meet Aiwen and David at Queensbay Mall.At the first,we have nothing to do at there,by the way we still wait for 2 Karen and Eddie coming from KL,so we decided to have a movie,the movie is called"They Wait",is a scary and horror movie,at 3.45pm.

We waiting outside the cinema before the movie start.

The movie quite nice,short story about 1 hour and 15 minutes.After the movie,2 Karen and Eddie reached at Queensbay Mall and we meet and join up together.Because of stomach hungry,we plan to go Gurney Drive to having our dinner.

We taking the photo at the seaside in front of the Gurney Plaza. Oops.....i not inside the photo,i'm the camera man.


After shooting some photos,we went to have our dinner.A lot of food stalls selling nice food at there.We order as much as we want.......haha........

Jelly fish with kangkong,Poh-pia,Chai tao kuih,Penang fried kuih teow,Penang rojak,Penang asam laksa,Otak-otak and Karen Tan favourite "Muar Chi".

~~Our Ho Chiak reporter promote her favourite food"Muar Chi".~~

After finish the everything,we all feel full and tired,haha......Due to everybody feel tired,we end our trip at 8.30pm.~~~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dong Zi Kuai Le......

Tuan tuan yuan yuan make tang yuan.....
Last nitez,Zhihan,EEmay,Shin Min,Alex and I making tang yuan at home....Happy gathering together...

round-round tang yuan

Shin Min,Zhihan,Alex and EEmay

Shin Min-Zhihan-EEmay-JJ

Omg!!!playing tang yuan

boiling the tang yuan

EEmay-Shin Min
after boiling the tang yuan,can eat lo....
3 tang yuan promoter...


Gathering,chit-chat and eat tang yuan

Eraine's Birthday,Hailow SK at 17th December

Happy Birthday to Eraine.......

family photos



Present giving








Birthday gurl-Eranie


Cutie Face-Raymond

Joyce-Meiling eating cake

3 sweett~~~gals